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Rules and Regulations of the website

This website belongs to "Arian Asak " company. Access to and use of the website information is exclusively under the supervision of this company. The purpose of writing the "Rules and Regulations of the site" is to express the rules that any one using the services of this website, follow them and accept your responsibility with full knowledge of these "Rules and Regulations".

The company reserves the right to revise and amend any of the laws at its discretion. Therefore, it is necessary to read the site information time to time to be informed about the changes. However, members will be notified of the latest changes.

It should be noted that continuing to visit the website means accepting the "Rules and Regulations of the site" and agreeing to these changes or click on the "accept" button of the rules and regulations of the site. So long as you do not agree to these changes, please do not use the website.

Please contact us via email: info@arianasak.co.

Register to use the website

To access the website, first Register as a user on the site. To register, write the following information:

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Commitments of Users
As a member of the website, you agree to be bound by the following:
- You agree that any information you provide to the Company in order to complete the registration is accurate, new and update.
- Reaching legal age i.e.18 years, is necessary to enter into contract to purchase the company's products and services and accept the terms.
- You are responsible for protecting the confidentiality of your password and email address.
- Use of your registration information by another person or third parties is prohibited. In that case, notify the company immediately of any unauthorized use of your password or email address or of any security breaches that you become aware of.
- Access to and use of this website is permitted only for your purchase or use to provide the products and services of this company and is non-transferable.
- The insertion of commercial advertisements, affiliate links and other types of requests without coordination is prohibited and if viewed, it will be removed from the company's site immediately and may lead to termination of your purchasing services.
- You are responsible for updating your information on the site.

- It is forbidden to use the website and its contents to force others to participate in illegal and unauthorized activities.
- Use of the Website and its contents to infringe the intellectual property rights of the Website and the intellectual property of others is prohibited.
- Use of the Website and its contents for discrimination, abuse, harm and insult based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age, nationality or physical disability is prohibited.
- The use of the website and its contents to send incorrect or misleading information is prohibited.
- The use of the website and its contents for the collection or tracking of personal information of others and its unauthorized use is prohibited.
- The use of the website and its contents for immoral purposes is prohibited.
- The use of the website and its contents for interference in security services is prohibited. The site reserves the right to terminate the access and use of individuals in such cases.
- The website, services and all products of Arian Asak are subject to copyright. The contents of the products and contents of the website, including postings, videos and photographs, logos, etc. are subject to the laws of this country. Users are not allowed to copy information related to the products and services of the Website without the written permission of the Company. Arian Asak company reserves all rights and interests related to the website, including business name, brand, product name, address and website space, trademark, industrial design, patent and copyright of the company. No one has the right to use the website space, business name, brand, industrial design, trademark.
- No user is allowed to republish, upload, transfer, send, display or distribute publicly the information on this site without the written permission of this company.

Terminate the transaction
If for any reason the company suspects that the information provided is incorrect, possible misuse of the company's products or services, threats and the possibility of any damage and loss by the user can unilaterally remove the user from the list of members and buyers and refrain from any interaction and provision of services and products.