About "ArianAsak Company"

Arian Asak company, was founded in 2015 to provide a place for the emergence of creativity and innovation, as well as transformation of such ideas into the product of innovations and inventions. The present products are part of the same creative ideas.

The text provided for each product is to raise your knowledge about the respective product you are seeking. By providing information about our products, which is based on the inventor's scientific findings and is registered and exclusively licensed for use by Arian Asak Company, you will be able to choose your desired products. We believe the only way to ensure that you are looking for the right product/s is to have the correct information to fulfill your expectations from different sources. Another goal is to introduce our products to help them meet your needs.

The long-term goals of the company are attracting the customer's opinion, entrepreneurship, using the superior technologies that lead to the design and production of valuable products in the Iranian market as well as abroad. By utilizing all the capabilities and potentials of the company, the move in this direction is to promote scientific, job creation and production of better quality products for consumers.

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